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Shalom Baptist Chapel (formerly the Jurong Baptist Chapel) began in 1965 as an initiative by missionaries of the International Mission Board-USA to reach Malaysian factory workers as well as Singaporeans living in Taman Jurong with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It started as a Mandarin-speaking outreach point until 1970, when it started to offer bi-lingual worship services with the employment of a local pastor.

In 1976, the church was officially registered as Jurong Baptist Church. By then, the church had evolved into an English-speaking church.

In 1983, Buddy and May Morris, missionaries with the International Mission Board, responded to the invitation to start a Mandarin language congregation at Jurong Baptist Church, which held its inaugural service on Easter Sunday in 1984. Through their efforts in the ministry the Mandarin congregation grew as it catered to the Mandarin-speaking community in the Taman Jurong area.

In 1992, Jurong Baptist Church moved from its original location at Taman Jurong to its current premises at Tengah. To mark the start of a new chapter with this move, the church adopted its current name. longer as it should be, because we are not living as we should live – in communion with our Creator God, who reveals himself as Our Father.

Shalom Baptist Chapel continues to serve both English and Mandarin speaking communities today with 2 congregations, each one a community of faith comprising members from all walks of life, meeting together on Sundays for worship services and for Bible study.  The English congregation is led by Rev. Dr. Ayan Murry.

Our Pastoral Team

Rev. Dr. Ayan Murry
Lead Pastor

Ms Buan Yi Xin Faith
Ministry Staff

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