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Each Sunday we gather as two congregations (English and Mandarin), in smaller classes to learn the Bible in a more intimate setting; we also meet in the main sanctuary for the corporate worship service.

The English-speaking congregation meets at 9:30am for smaller classes and at 11:00am for worship service. Find out more and get connected.

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About the church

We are an evangelical Christian community, that’s been part of the Singapore Baptist Convention since 1975. People come regularly from all walks of life to worship God, learn the Bible and strengthen one another in fellowship.

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Latest Sermons

In the Beginning – Imago Dei

The Bible is very clear in answering the question “Who am I? What am I?” from Genesis 1:27 that we are made in the image of God. “The doctrine of Man made in the image of God is one of basic doctrines in the Bible, and one of the most elevating,...

In the Beginning, God

In this eight-part series, we go to the first book of the Christian Scriptures, the book of Genesis. Genesis 1:1 is profoundly significant to faith in God. If we can believe this verse, we can believe everything else written in the Bible. This sermon will unpack the...

From the Archives

How can Discipleship be Accomplished?

Biblical discipleship can be accomplished only with accountable relationships that enable deep transformation that is powered by faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Biblical Discipleship: Why Is It Important?

Making Disciples is the Main Task of the church, and in this sermon Ps Anthony Yeoh shows why biblical discipleship is so important. Download the powerpoint slides to follow along with the visuals as you listen to the sermon audio.

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